Bitung Fire Team Conducts First Aid Training for PT. Laut Biru Seafood Employees

Bitung City, North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia – The Bitung Fire Team organized a comprehensive first aid training session for the employees of PT. Laut Biru Seafood. The training took place in the company’s canteen, aimed at equipping the staff with essential life-saving skills.

The training, held at the company’s premises in Bitung City, emphasized the importance of quick and effective responses during emergencies. Participants learned essential techniques to handle various medical situations, including CPR, wound care, and choking incidents.

PT. Laut Biru Seafood recognizes the significance of ensuring the safety and well-being of its workforce. By partnering with the Bitung Fire Team for this training initiative, the company demonstrates its commitment to fostering a secure working environment for its employees.

The training not only enhances the employees’ skills but also contributes to building a more resilient community. With these newly acquired first aid skills, the PT. Laut Biru Seafood employees are now better prepared to respond effectively to any unforeseen medical emergencies.