Bitung City Firefighters Conduct Successful Firefighting Training at PT. Laut Biru Seafood on July 18, 2023

Bitung City, July 18, 2023 – In a proactive effort to enhance fire safety measures, the esteemed firefighters from Bitung City Fire Department conducted a comprehensive and impactful firefighting training session at PT. Laut Biru Seafood. The training aimed to equip the employees with essential knowledge and skills to handle potential fire emergencies effectively.

The training, held at the company’s premises, was attended by enthusiastic employees from various departments. Under the guidance of the skilled firefighters, the participants learned valuable techniques in fire prevention, early detection, and safe extinguishing procedures. They were also educated on the proper usage of firefighting equipment, ensuring that they could respond confidently in case of any untoward fire incidents.

The Fire Chief of Bitung City, expressed his satisfaction with the participants’ receptiveness and willingness to learn. He commended PT. Laut Biru Seafood for their proactive approach towards ensuring the safety and well-being of their workforce.

The management at PT. Laut Biru Seafood expressed gratitude to the Bitung City Fire Department for their valuable training initiative. The knowledge gained from the session will undoubtedly bolster the company’s preparedness and ability to respond effectively to any fire-related emergencies, safeguarding both their employees and assets.

Such collaborative efforts between the public authorities and private entities set a remarkable example for other companies, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing fire safety and emergency preparedness. With the successful completion of this training, PT. Laut Biru Seafood reaffirms its commitment to ensuring a safe and secure environment for all stakeholders involved.