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PT Laut Biru Seafood is a newly established tuna processing company. Supported by the Meloy Fund, we processes from our dedicated manufacturing plant in Bitung North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

The products processed in our fully certified North Sulawesi plant include high quality yellowfin tuna loins, saku blocks, steaks, ground meat and cubes. Our products can be fresh-chilled, frozen, CO-treated and non-treated. 

Our principal markets geographically are the United States of America and Australia.

All our procurement team are fully committed to purchasing 80 % of our fish from pole, line and hand line fisheries.



We will not purchase any fish from vessels that are involved in any form of Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing practices. We are in full compliance with all Government regulations regarding IUU – regulations that require a Catch Certificate for all the fish we process. 

Laut Biru Seafood believe in full transparency and traceability. It’s in our DNA. We have installed a secure online traceability system. The ‘Fishrr’ mobile app and web system provides us with full web based traceability and visibility across our supply chain, in real time. This provides our customers the comfort of knowing we are in full control of our products at all times. From hook to cook, Laut Biru gives you full visibility of every fish you buy from us. 

Furthermore, we will not buy any fish caught in marine reserves or marine protected areas. Similarly for any fish illegally transhipped.

All our fish are supported by full legal documentation of where it is caught in our Indonesian waters. We have invested heavily in supporting over 100 boat owners locally who supply our factory. With the support of our investors, The Meloy Fund, we are able to provide funding to support fishing communities to improve onboard tracking, communications, traceability and importantly, how to keep fish fresh on board prior to landing. This ensures the fisherman and his family get the best price for the fish caught. In return, we receive fully traceable, premium quality yellowfin tuna.

Reduction of plastics in our oceans is becoming more and more of a global issue. The team at Laut Biru Seafood continually review how we play our part. Recently, we decided to eliminate plastic marker tags used in our production by replacing them with reusable stainless steel tags with a unique trace code attached. We will continue to review how best we can contribute to reducing our use of plastic throughout our operations.

Our ambition is to be the leading sustainable tuna supplier in Indonesia. It is not a journey we have started lightly and there are many obstacles to overcome but, the advantage we have is that we have a committed team, committed investors, amazing customers and a supply chain that understands we are different and want to work differently.


As a sustainable tuna processor in Indonesia, our commitment to quality goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to sustainable fishing.

We are committed to processing 100% of our total volume from pole, line and hand line fisheries. 

Laut Biru Seafood will only purchase fish from vessels that do not involve in any kind of Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing practice. We aim to follow and to promote good sustainability practice to maintain the ecological integrity of the ocean.


Part of living a healthy lifestyle is consuming quality food you can trust, and with Laut Biru Seafood products that is exactly what you get.

We source our seafood from all over Indonesia, we make sure we know exactly where our products come from and where it is going. Through comprehensive internal coding systems and our excellent quality assurance team, we ensure you are getting nothing less than the highest quality when you purchase any of our branded items.

From being fished from the water, to the moment the finished product hits your local grocer, we have internally tracked and recorded every step of the way. When you’re eating any of our branded seafood you can be rest assured that quality is in every bite.